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Gameplan Solutions Leading Training Company in Dubai

Gameplan Solutions is one of the leading Training Companies in Dubai, offering a range of pragmatic learning and development solutions to a range of clients across all sectors including; FMCG, Hospitality, Banking and Government entities. With a unique training delivery, Gameplan tailor makes each training course to the organisation, encompassing relevant case studies, engaging activities and wall posters around the training room, all of which really resonate with course participants. Our policy is to avoid heavy use of powerpoint for our delivery but rather focus on energising and engaging our trainees, we have found this to be a much more effective learning and development strategy. 

Since 2007 Gameplan Solutions has evolved to keep up with industry developments ensuring that we are able to provide our clients with the highest quality training and development which stays with the trainee beyond the Classroom. Recognising the importance of delivery of corporate training in Dubai and this part of the world, our trainers have all been vetted as real 'Gameplanners' that share the same passion and enthusiasm for people as our founders. 

Gameplan’s new approach to training, reflects internationally accepted theory on what is the most effective way to train learners so that they not only learn new skills and behaviours in the classroom, but can effectively transfer the learning into workplace and drive improved performance and business results. 

We start with the 70:20:10 model and a simple statement: ‘ If the extent of your training intervention is purely classroom based, then it will not work!’ 

With traditional training, it is estimated that only 10% of the Learning can realistically be achieved by a single classroom intervention. Herman Ebbinghouse concluded through brain studies, that the average person will forget 50% of what they have been taught in a classroom within 1 hour and the fall out rate increases further over time, if the learning is not put immediately into practice.

With 20% of learning typically occurring through social interaction (collaborative learning), we are left with 70% being left to the most important method of learning, which is experiential or the means of actually putting into practice what has been learned in the classroom whilst on the job. In other words, in order to move from a 10% retention (not much learning and even less doing) to nearer 100% (learning and applying the learning to achieve real results) the training must focus sufficiently on the 70% (experiential) and the 20% (social learning). 

Our methodology and dedication to the development of the people that we cross paths with, is what makes us one of the most trusted and effective training companies in Dubai. Whether it is sales training, leadership training or even a train the trainer course, our trainers will ensure that the people we train, will not only retain and continue to apply the learnings beyond the classroom but also enhance their lives in some kind of way personally too. Gameplan also offers its trainees a support service beyond the corporate training, Dubai or elsewhere whereby if there is anything further we can do to encourage continuous development we will do so. 

The range of products and services we provide our clients have been researched thoroughly to ensure they complement the full employee development cycle. As partner and sole distributor of PRISM Brain Mapping in Dubai and the Middle East, we hold this comprehensive, online neuroscience-based behaviour mapping instrument of many uses, at the core of all we do. From recruitment tools to behaviour profilling and corporate training in Dubai and the rest of the middle east, Gameplan solutions will develop your people and business efficaciously, demonstrating a strong return on your training investment.

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