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PRISM Career Match

PRISM Career Match is one of the world’s most advanced Neuroscience based profiling instruments which has been specifically designed to help you to understand your key strengths and match them to the right Career.

This online career exploration tool is available 24 hours each day, 7 days a week and gives powerful insights into the type of work that is most likely to be more suitable for you. It helps you to find out what your work-related interests are and what kinds of jobs you can do well and enjoy. It can help you to recognise where you natural strengths are and which careers will enable you to capitalise on those strengths.

What can PRISM Career Match do for you?

  • Create a profile of your behavioural strengths - what you have to offer an employer.

  • Produce a text narrative of your key strengths and areas for potential development.

  • Identify and measure your work aptitudes - what you are naturally good at doing.

  • Show which work environments will enhance your performance and which will potentially inhibit your performance.

  • Provide you wit a one page CV builder section which you can add to your CV that highlights your key strengths in relation to the job your applying for. See below example.
  • Map your behavioural preferences with approximately 1,000 careers.

  • Enable you to research careers in detail to identify which ones could be most suitable for you.

  • Measure your profile preferences for 26 key business related characteristics.

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