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All of our Gameplanners have the ability to quickly build credibility with clients and individuals, and the passion to be able to connect, to positively influence people into action.

In addition, Gameplan has developed its own accreditation process of which Gameplanners must successfully complete before being endorsed as a Gameplanner.

For this reason, we turn away more Gameplanner candidates than those we select.

We also have a policy of placing the right Gameplanner with the experience and competencies that match the client project situation, and maintain that same resource throughout the life of the project.

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  • Jack Craine

    Managing Director
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    Jack Craine

    Managing Director

    A warm, highly energetic and inspirational character with an exceptional career track record in Senior Sales Management and Leadership spanning three decades.Jack has accumulated impressive knowledge and experience in a number of international markets including the UK, India, Africa and the Middle East, which enables him to bring both relevance and wisdom to the training room. Jack’s training experience and credentials enable him to add great value at any level from the front-line sales force operation to the board room executive.

  • Nadeem Malak

    Training Manager (English/Urdu)
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    Nadeem Malak

    Training Manager (English/Urdu)

    Nadeem has enjoyed a successful and progressive career of over twenty years in retail operations, distribution operations and latterly hospitality with extensive experience in the UK including nine years in the Middle East. Nadeem’s hallmark follows the Gameplan approach to training – combining real-world operational experience with first class communication and interpersonal skills.

    What distinguishes Nadeem is his natural energy and enthusiasm in his approach to training and his rigorous attention to detail. Nadeem is an inspirational trainer who really connects with people.

  • Nader Nasser

    Head of Arabic Training
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    Nader Nasser

    Head of Arabic Training

    Nader is the lead trainer in Arabic training delivery. Following a highly successful career of more than 25 years in direct sales and marketing roles from front-line through to senior sales management, Nader took a major career change of choice to follow his passion for training and seeing people motivated and empowered for improved performance.Training for Nader therefore is a career choice rather than a pure means to making a living.

    A meticulous planner who ensures a high standard of training delivery, Nader’s motivation lies in seeing people change and grow through the training he delivers.

  • Karyn Williams-Sykes

    Training Specialist
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    Karyn Williams-Sykes

    Training Specialist
    Karyn is an incredibly talented and inspirational trainer with over 20 years’ experience of working within service-focussed, multi-national organisations. Whilst her career has been primarily developed within the hospitality industry, she has been very active in the Media and also amassed a formidable amount of knowledge and experience in Telecoms, Banking and Airlines Sectors. 
    Karyn is also trained in international relations and diplomacy and spent many years working with multi-national groups and working through cross-cultural relationships.
    Some of Karyn's notable experiences include being a lecturer at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Studies as well as holding the position of Director of Professional Training and Development at the Emirates Academy.
    Her speciality areas include designing, developing and delivering training programmes for soft skills such as customer service, leadership, team building and cross- cultural dynamics. 
    Karyn has an innate ability to interact effectively with diverse groups and cultures, and brings an abundance of enthusiasm and passion to the training room to add to her extensive Training repertoire 

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