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Gameplan Solutions provides a holistic approach to training and development and recognises through extensive regional experience, the cultural dynamics of how many people have been in their work life. We provoke people to think about their attitudes towards consumers, shoppers or perhaps the very people they manage, develop and lead in their own organisations.

Building skills and competencies forms just one aspect of how we design our training courses. We go a step further by designing courses to be provocative, to change the mind sets and the attitudes of front-line staff, first and second line management, in the execution of critical job role activities that determine success.

All training content and delivery methodologies have been uniquely developed by Gameplan Solutions for the Middle East region. We recognise and respect the subtle nuances of how people from diverse backgrounds respond to training.

We view training as not just a learning and development opportunity for the individual but also as an opportunity to stimulate, excite and motivate on behalf of the client company.


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