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Our Promises


Achieving behaviour change and taking action requires continuous support. 4thWave establishes a relationship with each training participant for the long-term and motivates to create commitment into action.


Our key frame of reference is not the training delivery, it’s the results that we wish to support course participants and their companies to achieve as a consequence of the training. We work back from the results required in the workplace to design compelling training content that answers the inherent participant question – “what’s in it for me?”.

Return on Training Investment

A key output of 4thWave training are participant-driven post training assignments. This is different to action plans – an action plan is generic and is aspirational whereas specific workplace assignments are more tangible and help link the training to outputs, and outputs into results.

Quality Consistency

4thWave strives to get it right; first time, every time. We have delivered results for our many clients and thousands of training participants through our sister brand of in-house training – Gameplan. We bring the same passion and care to 4thWave because when it comes to training, the trainer can never have a bad day at the office.


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