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PRISM Talent Finder is an easy-to-use online system that automatically analyses and benchmarks star performers within each role in an organisation. By using this process, via the organisation’s own dashboard, recruiters can create accurate job benchmarks of those characteristics that have a proven track record of achieving top performance in each role. The system can then instantly pre-screen large numbers of candidates to identify those who most closely match the characteristics of the star performers without any manual intervention from recruiters.

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PRISM Talent Finder is at the forefront of the next generation of online pre-screening technology. This new architecture is revolutionising the assessment experience for both employers and candidates. The system incorporates administration functions such as the analysis and distribution of results, report generation and customer support. Users benefit from faster set up times, faster processing speed and real time results and reports are available instantly. PRISM Talent Finder is particularly effective at processing high volume applications and can screen thousands of candidates within seconds.

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Unlike most recruitment systems, PRISM Talent Finder does not use generic job benchmarks. Instead it identifies the real characteristics that differentiate the top performers from the rest, and accurately captures the key consistent characteristics of these high performing employees. These star performers provide accurate benchmarks because they operate within the same structure and culture as the rest of the workforce and consistently outperform others in the same role. PRISM Talent Finder provides a process of sound scientific analysis so that recruiters can correctly identify what makes these top performers different from their less successful colleagues.

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