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Behaviour Profiling

What is behaviour profiling?

Behaviour profiling is an assessment of an individuals behaviour at the work place or personal lives. It assesses and gives an accurate insight in to the traits that an individual may have and may adopt in certain situations.

What is the difference between behaviour profiling and psychometric assessments?

Comparing Behaviour profiling and psychometric assessments is comparing Neuroscience and Psychology, they are two different sciences but have some factors in common. Psychometric assessments are usually based on theories and personality indexing whereas Behaviour profiling uses the science of the brain to identify and analyse an individuals natural, modified and overall pattern of behaviour. 

How can it help me or my organisation?

Gameplan Solutions uses PRISM Brain Mapping as it is the worlds most advanced and comprehensive online behaviour profiling tool. Understanding ones own personal behaviours can have many benefits. As an individual you have the opportunity to compare their behavioural map against most job roles to see which Career best suits them. They are also able to identify areas in which they may need to focus on to enhance themselves in their current role.

PRISM Brain Mapping has many uses which enables us to use it to support businesses through the below processes;


Click on the below to learn more about some of PRISM's uses;


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