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Leadership Training

Leadership training comes in many variations but should always incorporate multiple competencies as opposed to being seen as a single intervention. At Gameplan Solutions, our leadership courses consist of people management, decision-making, business acumen, and personal development.

Understanding oneself is fundamental to Leadership Development, therefore our Leadership Training Courses are integrated with PRISM Brain Mapping. We have done this to ensure each delegate is able to understand their own behavioural preferences and avoidances, consequently enabling the delegate to enhance and improve themselves through developing action plans, resulting in a greater impact on subordinates and teams.

Leadership training is often overlooked on the basis that managers are already experienced enough and other levels of employees should take priority for training and development. At Gameplan Solutions, we recommend the reverse approach is taken, by training  middle and senior managers before training junior level employees. There is often a greater return on investment as the positive effect of the right training is amplified. This is why we encourage a greater focus and prioritisation on Leadership training.

Leadership Skills Courses


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