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Sales training can often conjure old fashion ‘tricks’ to help pushy salespeople improve their numbers. Over the last two decades, selling has come a long way and the role rightly stands alongside other professions within organisations. Therefore, sales training takes on many competencies now and cannot be limited to a single title; eg. Key Account Management, customer engagement, value based selling or customer centricity – these all fall broadlly under the category of sales training.

For sales training to acheive a greater return on investment and contribution to business results, the exact outline of the requirement needs to be clarified, and how an organisation's products or services need to be sold must be understood.

We must take into consideration; how well defined the value proposition is, what the competitor situation is, how the customer landscape is changing, what the current competency levels are of the sales team, and if there are any tools and processes integrated into the sales team's methodologies. Without these considerations, sales training becomes more generic, which results in the salesperson seeming more generic to the customer.

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