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PRISM Brain Mapping

PRISM Brain mapping is the leading Neuroscience behavioural profiling tool and is a unique way of identifying people’s behavioural preferences based on brain activity. The Prism Brain Map report is very output driven to provide easy to understand analysis and insight to support individuals to understand their unique behavioural preferences and how to optimize personal performance. PRISM helps individuals to understand more about their true potential as well as what may be hindering them from achieving even higher performance.

PRISM Brain Mapping underpins many of the Gameplan Training Courses. This is because soft skills development in any competency starts with a solid foundation of understanding self. The personal PRISM report acts as a ‘user manual’ that can be referenced by the individual to support continuous personal improvement.

Each training participant completes a simple 30 minute on-line questionnaire which generates the personal PRISM Brain Mapping report. Each PRISM map is therefore a picture of the user as a unique individual. The report is referenced and related to the skills being trained. This enables clearly-defined action plans for personal development and focused application of skills being trained.

PRISM Brain Mapping: 30 minutes of time, a lifetime of learning!


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