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In an increasingly complex market with a job role that is demanding, the requirements of a manager cover a broad range of competencies that empower them to fulfil the essential elements of the role.

There are leaders within every organisation. At Gameplan Solutions, we recognise this and provide a series of training courses for junior, mid-level and senior management, which focus on improving personal impact on subordinates and teams, as well as focusing on business acumen skills.

"Employees don't leave companies, they leave managers." A key aspect of Gameplan Solutions management training courses is to create greater self-awareness of an individual's own behaviours and how they are perceived by others. Improved self-awareness allows managers to manage themselves with relation to people and team interactions. Therefore, we aim to tangibly improve and develop the relationships between managers and subordinates.

Gameplan Solutions provides a comprehensive range of management training courses that cover a range of competencies that equip a manager to ensure they fulfil the demands of the role. It is often perceived that management training is focused on people management, however we must also consider the broader range of skills that are requiried for the modern manager to succeed.

 Management Training Courses


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