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Gameplan offers high impact train the trainer courses that combine both classroom and on-the-job training skills alongside self-development, analytical skills and behaviours to create more effective in-house trainers.

Training of managerial and supervisory roles in how to train and develop their own staff is a very different set of competencies to a Train the Trainer course. For these groups of people we have a more tailored solution in the ‘performance through people’ workshop, which trains on situational on-the-job training and coaching.

Train the Trainer is an invaluable training course to support the in-house trainer to fulfil their potential and should be viewed as a critical competency by the organisation, as the in-house training can unlock so much value through employee competency development.

A Train the Trainer course should not just focus on core training skills in isolation, but go further to create a more strategic approach by trainers, by aligning training plans and projects more closely with business goals.

Train the Trainer Courses


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