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Value-based Selling

Start Date: December 10, 2014 | Duration : 2 days | Price : 4500 AED

Context to this Workshop

  • The business environment is increasingly competitive, more companies with more products, vying for the attention – and the wallet - of the same customers
  • The commercial pressures on organisations supplying products or services are growing through the ever increasing focus by customers on ‘price’ and ‘margin’
  • Customer loyalty is increasingly difficult to obtain and maintain
  • Conventional methods of selling and promoting products and services has limited sustainability for organisations
  • Therefore, for organisations to thrive and prosper in the pursuit of increased sales and margin growth requires new approaches to selling products and services

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Enable sales personnel to differentiate their product or service offering from competitors
  • Shift the focus from physical product and service attributes to value-added
  • Create new forms of competitive advantage
  • Enable sales personnel to skilfully shift the dialogue from price/margin in isolation
  • Build confidence in how to combat aggressive customer demands in key elements of trading terms

Who will benefit from attending?

  • Leaders of sales organisations who seek to change the mentality of sales people in the approach to selling products and services
  • Sales executives seeking to find new ways to compete and improve productivity
  • Marketers who wish to support the sales function by creating new forms of customer marketing programs
  • Organisations seeking new forms of competitive advantage

Selling as a Profession

  • The role of the sales force
  • The limits of conventional selling practices
  • The difference between ‘push’ and ‘pull’
  • Excellence in execution

What you sell versus what they buy

  • The solution-based approach to value-based selling
  • The tangibles and the intangibles of value-based selling

Customer Centricity

  • What’s your orientation?
  • The role of customer engagement
  • Leading the engagement agenda

Business Simulation Case Studies

  • Identifying customer needs
  • Undertaking exploratory discussions
  • Fact finding for gap finding

Who Owns Value-based Selling

  • The organisation-wide role
  • Gaining internal support
  • Leveraging core competencies

Presenting the Value-based Approach

  • Defining your sales process
  • The structured presentation process

Planning and Preparation

  • Fact-based planning
  • Developing commercial proposals
  • Preparing for customer responses

Role-play Case Studies

Business Benefits

  • Differentiate sales personnel, products and services – in the eyes of the customer
  • Shift the dialogue
  • Create new growth pathways
  • Development of work-based assignments to integrate skills and knowledge into daily routines to drive application and retention

Personal Benefits

  • More skillful selling
  • Ability to take a solutions-based approach to customer-centric
  • Personal learning plan to support application and consolidation of key learnings on-the-job

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