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Negotiation Skills

Start Date: April 01, 2015 | Duration : 2 days | Price : 4500 AED

Context to this Workshop

  • Junior members of the sales-force responsible for negotiating trading terms with small retailers and regional customers
  • The sheer number of these agreements make the commercial consideration and return-on-investment key the market performance
  • Getting value-for-money and consistent implementation of defined customer support can be a challenge in this arena
Negotiation skills training, Dubai, UAE

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Gain greater confidence when negotiating, even with competitive and difficult people, by enabling more control of the negotiation process
  • Introduce a defined negotiation process to support adequate preparation and a consistent approach
  • Train and practice simple negotiation skills that deliver ROI
  • Explore and practice negotiation through case studies, exercises and role-plays, including filmed role-play with facilitator feedback
  • Sell first, then negotiate
  • Explain the depth of currencies available and how to bargain to secure, commercially sound agreements
Negotiation skills training, Dubai, UAE

Who will benefit from attending?

  • Sales personnel who are involved in negotiating commercial terms with customers
  • Procurement personnel who require collaborative negotiations with supply partners
  • Managers and leaders who will oversee and lead negotiations through subordinates
Negotiation skills training, Dubai, UAE

Fundamentals for Successful Negotiations

  • Gain control and keep control
  • The power of balance
  • Sell the proposal first, then negotiate
  • Fact-based, commercially driven negotiations

The Negotiation process

  • Introduce the five step process
  • The currency and value or variables
  • The power of preparation
  • ACTIVITY: analysis and planning

Key Influencing Skills

  • Exploration and discovery
  • Seeking alignment and synergy
  • ACTIVITY: business simulation case study

Business Simulation Case Study

  • Establish a customers needs and expectations
  • Identify the ‘fit’ between the customer's needs and the case study product/service offering
  • Present back and critique session

Making the Proposal

  • Planning the proposal & anticipating responses
  • Structuring the proposal
  • Dealing with counter-proposals
  • Maintaining control
  • ACTIVITY: business simulation case study

Bargaining and Closing

  • Structuring a trade in variables bargaining and closing
  • Structuring a trade in variables
  • Dealing with no-go situation and conflict
  • Controlling the close
  • ACTIVITY: business simulation case study

Filmed Case Study

  • Detailed case study, away from the industry in question
  • Buyer and seller roles
  • Role-play segmented into separate sessions
  • Facilitated feedback
Negotiation skills training, Dubai, UAE

Business Benefits

  • More commercially advantageous deals
  • Greater sustainability of agreements
  • Consistent, analytically-driven approach to negotiations
  • Greater internal visibility of customer negotiation status
  • Development of work-based assignments to integrate skills and knowledge into daily routines to drive application and retention

Personal Benefits

  • Increased confidence in negotiating, including with competitive and aggressive counterparts
  • Improved seller-buyer engagement and long-term relationship sustainability
  • Clearly defined negotiation process and supporting tools to achieve a consistent approach to negotiation and a method for measuring the application
  • Time productivity: less time taken to reach agreement
  • Personal learning plan to support application and consolidation of key learnings on-the-job
Negotiation skills training, Dubai, UAE

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