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Interpersonal Skills Development

Start Date: May 27, 2015 | Duration : 2 days | Price : 4500 AED

Context to this Workshop

  • The quality of a person's interpersonal skills has a direct bearing on the ability to influence, communicate and manage others, and therefore has multiple applications in work-life
  • People who possess an awareness about themselves and the impact they are having on others have greater success in influencing people
  • The quality of interpersonal skills and style can be a solid foundation for career advancement and contribution to business performance
Interpersonal Skills Development

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance and role of interpersonal skills to influence others
  • Build self-awareness through the PRISM brain map, to understand how one is perceived by others
  • Demonstrate how to adapt one's own style to influence others
  • Describe how other people can be influenced by identifying their behaviour preferences
Interpersonal Skills Development

Who will benefit from attending?

  • Employees who are required to influence others in the workplace through managing, selling or serving
  • Emerging managers who require training on the key fundamentals of how to manage people effectively
  • Employees who work cross-functionally and need to influence and deal with people with diverse needs in order to reach commonality
Interpersonal Skills Development

Let's Get Inspired!

  • Who inspires you and why?
  • Common themes in what makes people influential on others

The Communication Conundrum

  • Common myths about how humans communicate
  • Getting your message across
  • Five keys to communication

Interpersonal Orientation

  • Self exploration: what’s your orientation?
  • Responding to people and situations

The Interpersonal Skills Tool Kit

  • Questioning and listening
  • Body language and non-verbal communication
  • Personal impact

Orientation of the Key Outputs from the PRISM Report

  • Understanding the PRISM Brain Map Report
  • How improved productivity for individuals can be achieved using PRISM reports
  • Plotting one's own behaviour preferences

Understanding Behaviour Preferences

  • Group exercises in different work-place and social-place situations

Adapting Interpersonal Style

  • Understanding behaviour preferences
  • How to recognize the behaviour preferences of others
  • Adapting to meet other's needs
  • Group exercises in different work-place and social-place situations
Interpersonal Skills Development

Business Benefits

  • Greater teamwork and communication inter-functionally and cross-functionally
  • Provide people with a solid platform of skills to enable mobility into different functions and job roles
  • Development of work-based assignments to integrate skills and knowledge into daily routines to drive application and retention

Personal Benefits

  • Achieve greater impact and more influence on other people
  • Create the correct form of solid platform to support career growth
  • Be more confident in dealing with different styles of people and in different situations
  • Personal learning plan to support application and consolidation of key learnings on-the-job
Interpersonal Skills Development

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