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The Power of Positive Attitude

Start Date: | Duration : days | Price : 4500 AED

  • Having a positive attitude can make a difference in facing your fears; keeping you focussed with what you are busy with, and leaving you open to taking up new challenges
  • The right attitude can even help you to keep on working diligently at your job; allowing you to prioritise what is important
  • This workshop will help participants to start to learn some of these essential skills and give them the confidence to put them into practice.
  • We will travel through the journey of understanding what motivation entails; discover what personal motivators; appreciate the power of the mind; learn self-talk techniques; understand the importance of the subconscious mind; realise that any and all success, comes through a positive mind set.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of a Positive Attitude
  • Understand the power of the mind and use it to its best advantage
  • Recognise and use their own motivators to increase job satisfaction and improve morale
  • Recognise negativity in them self and in others and plan action accordingly
  • Learn and apply skills that will change a negative mindset over time
  • EVERYONE at all levels

The Power of the Mind

  • Understanding Your Brain
  • Appreciating your Own Aptitude
  • Recognising and Appreciating Different Aptitudes in Others

Dump The Baggage

  • Re-energising Hopes and Dreams
  • Have a Plan – Motivation and Drive

Attitude is Key

  • Pessimism vs Optimism
  • Change your Perspective
  • Change your Internal Language – Positive Self-Talk

Be Visionary

  • Visualisation Skills
  • Plotting a Plan Using Visualisations

Practical Applications

  • Plotting Personal Wheel of Life
  • Design a Personal Action Plan

Business Benefits

  • Associates with a positive attitude are more motivated and this leads to higher levels of productivity and engagement
    • Lower levels of absenteeism as the team members are content with their working lives
    • Lower levels of staff turnover, and this can lead to lower training and recruitment costs
    • Contented workers give a company a good reputation; making it easier to recruit the best workers (going forward)
    • Motivated employees are likely to improve product quality or the customer service associated with a product

Personal Benefits

  • Learn how to clear your mind and focus on your goals – professional and personal – and develop and maintain a positive attitude.
  • Everyone prefers to work in roles that they enjoy and with people that they like – discover that this is primarily about perspective
  • Having clear personal goals gives meaning to the work you are doing; you will be motivated to continue your journey with positivity
  • Motivated team leaders can better motivate and guide their teams

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