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Reflective Learning Journey

The Gameplan Reflective Learning solution is designed to take the Trainee on a continuous learning journey post the training which moves directly into a set of facilitated tasks and assignments which are administered on line through our reflective learning portal.

The tasks and assignments are all job related and designed to show the company that the individual is not only putting the theory of their training into practice, but also measures what results have happened as a result of the changes in habits or behaviours that they have applied as a result of their training.

The Reflective Learning system can run for any number of weeks after the programme and can have multiple tasks or work related assignments set which are all monitored and progressed in conjunction with the trainer.

At the end of the assignment period, which is usually 6 - 10 weeks a report is generated which grades the Trainee and also shows the results that have occurred as a result of the training, which in turn helps to clarify the Return on Investment for the programme.

We can run the system in English or Arabic.

Measuring Effectiveness

The Kirkpatrick Model is the worldwide standard for evaluating the effectiveness of training. It considers the value of any type of training, formal or informal, across four levels. Level 1-  Reaction evaluates how participants respond to the training. Level 2 - Learning measures if they actually learned the material. Level 3 - Behavior considers if they are using what they learned on the job, and Level 4 - Results evaluates if the training positively impacted the organization.

Created by Dr. Don Kirkpatrick in the 1950s, the model is applied before, during and after training to both maximize and demonstrate training's value to the organization. 

All of our work is based on the sound principles of the Kirkpatrick Model.

Gamepan Outputs from this training

Level 1: Reaction

Immediately after training, each participant receives a link to our online survey to capture their feedback for the programme in order to measure the degree to which they found the training favorable, engaging and relevant to their jobs, as well as document their Action Plans.

Level 2: Learning

All of our training programmes are highly interactive, using activities which allow them to apply the skills and knowledge introduced during the workshop. As a standard, we focus on the EDIC Training Cycle which is applied to each key learning experience where an Explanation of the theory moves to a Demonstration of how to apply it, then delegates have the opportunity to Imitate the skill or behavior before the Trainer ensures complete learning absorbtion through a thorough Consolidation

Level 3: Behavior

Participants are contacted in 30, 60 and 90 day intervals to self-evaluate their progress on the Action Plans.

Level 4: Results

Results are measured by a report from the participants’ Managers upon completion of the 30-60-90 Action Plan feedback measurement tool.


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