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NEW FROM GAMEPLAN 2018 (Must see)


Gamepan are excited to announce a Game changing approach to personal and business performance 

Gameplan’s new approach to training is full of a new and greater purpose. Our objective is to ensure that the desired skills, behaviours and attitudes of your workforce, that drive results, are relentlessly applied and become fully embedded in the learner, through a process that helps people, not just to learn, but to apply and continue to apply the skills that influence and grow sales.

We start with the 70:20:10 model and a simple statement: ‘ If the extent of your training intervention is purely classroom based, then it will not work!’

With traditional training, it is estimated that only 10% of the Learning can realistically be achieved by a single classroom intervention. Herman Ebbinghouse concluded through brain studies, that the average person will forget 50% of what they have been taught in a classroom within 1 hour and the fall out rate increases further over time, if the learning is not put immediately into practice.

With 20% of learning typically occurring through social interaction (collaborative learning), we are left with 70% being left to the most important method of learning, which is experiential or the means of actually putting into practice what has been learned in the classroom whilst on the job. In other words, in order to move from a 10% retention (not much learning and even less doing) to nearer 100% (learning and applying the learning to achieve real results) the training must focus sufficiently on the 70% (experiential) and the 20% (social learning).

The Gameplan solution to Accelerated Performance Training (APT), aligns with Kirkpatrick and Brinkerhoff and is targeted at delivering a catalytic 2-day classroom training event, that kick-starts a learning journey, which them migrates immediately into a 90-day ‘learning to doing’ action plan, which is run through a cloud based interactive platform (PROMOTE). Our goal here is to ensure that learners learn comprehensively, not just the classroom, but beyond the classroom and into the job.  Our solutions delivers a continuous process that takes the learner from learning to transfer of learning and then on to the achievement of the desired results that the training was originally intended to address. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW TO LEARN MORE

The Gameplan interactive PROMOTE platform, provides an opportunity for learners to socially interact with other learners, their managers and the training instructor and also enables the learner to follow a pre-set schedule of specially designed tasks and assignments to complete, whilst also sharing their experiences, successes and best practices in real time with their colleagues. The net result is that learners continue to learn and focus on the key skills, knowledge and behaviours that have been targeted from the original training objective. 




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