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Cognitive Neuroscience, with its concern about perception, action, memory, language and selective attention, will increasingly come to represent the central focus of all Neurosciences in the 21st Century  - Dr Eric Kandel, Director of Columbia University’s Centre for Neurobiology and Behaviour, Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine 2000

The complexity of Neuroscience and its terminology can sometimes be very hard to comprehend. PRISM Brain Mapping’s aim is to make this information as practical and as easy to comprehend as possible. It is about allowing people whom have no neuroscientific background to use some of the most rercent discoveries of brain science, understanding and using them in their business and personal lives. Neuroscience will only truly be useful at work if it can be understood by those using it.

it does not require an strong understanding of the chemistry or anatomy of the brain. Similar to how most people do not have to know the workings of a computer before they can use it and its applications, they do not need all of the intricacies of the brain to grasp its basic principles and the role it plays in the creation of human behaviour. Although neuroscience is advancing at an extremly rapid pace, learning the basics of how science of the brain can help both personal and business performance is a good step towards understanding the role that our brains play in our everyday lives.

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