Beyond the Classroom

At Gameplan Solutions we believe that learning isn't confined to the classroom.  In addition to our training programs we offer a variety of extras to ensure that your company gets real results from your employees' attendance.  As well as their ongoing practice of what they have learned.

We offer a learning journey that can include our PRISM Brain Mapping which can enable you to dig deeper into what natural skills your employees have an build on their strengths.  It is so versatile that you can use it for recruitment, career planning, coaching, team development, performance management, leadership and even sales training.  

Once classroom training is delivered, it is time to continue the journey into the real world with PROMOTE, an interactive platform that delivers a continuous journey.  PROMOTE takes the learner from learning, to transfer of learning, and then on to achieve the results that the training was originally intended to address.  All while being facilitated by certified coaches and instructors.  The platform allows us to build a tailored learning journey that ensures that the behaviours and skills that are introduced in the classroom are translated into the real world.

It is vital for fast growing and distributed organisations to enable effective training for their employees by implementing a next generation online and mobile learning solution.  The requirement is for continuous training of the work force with efficient content management, engaging and personalised learning, with measurable outcomes.  Important scenarios include training on product knowledge, sales enablement, company policies, customer service, safety and compliance and fast ramp-up of new employees.  This can all be achieved with the RAPL micro-learning platform.