Interpersonal Skills

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There is one common denominator for all competencies that Gameplan cover, from sales and leadership training, to management and communication skills.  

All involve influencing other people to take action.  An essential aspect for the ability to influence other people in any context, is through interpersonal skills development.

Our interpersonal skills courses are varied, you can book our off-the-peg programs below: -

Business Etiquette and Ethics

  • ​Ethics and etiquette in context

  • What are ethics at work?

  • Dealing with diversity

  • Exploring etiquette


Communication Effectiveness

  • Personal introductions

  • Core communication skills

  • Body language

  • Understanding people and their needs

  • First impressions

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Understand self to understand others

Interpersonal Skills Development

  • Let's get inspired

  • The communication conundrum

  • Interpersonal orientation

  • The interpersonal skills tool kit

  • Orientation of the key outputs from the PRISM report

  • Understanding behavioural preferences

  • Adapting interpersonal style