Leadership Training

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Leadership training comes in many variations but should always incorporate multiple competencies as opposed to being seen as a single intervention.  At Gameplan Solutions, our leadership training consist of people management, decision-making, business acumen and personal development.

 Our off-the-peg training programs that can be booked online are: - 

Leading High Performance Teams 

  • Leading teams versus managing teams

  • Leadership traits for team leadership

  • Team building and team working

  • Running effective meetings

  • Performance management

  • The focus on quality

Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence 

  • Looking at leadership

  • Leadership foundation stones

  • Investing in people

  • Manager orientation

Coaching, Mentoring and Performance Management 

  • Dealing with people

  • People development skills

  • Understand self to influence others

  • Case study role-play simulations

  • Positive intervention through counselling