Everyone can understand that presenting to a group, no matter the size, can be a very daunting task.  We all fear the worst; what if I forget my agenda or make a fool of myself? The presentation skills of your employees ultimately reflect on your management and corporation as a whole.  This is why the need for presentation skills arise.

Our program outline: -

Common Mistakes and Pitfalls of Group Presentations

  • The power of preparation

  • Five myths of communication

The Power of Preparation

  • Choose the message

  • The presentation media

  • Know your audience


  • Communication skills for group presentations

  • Communication barriers

  • Factors that influence recepients

  • Influencing the audience

Group Presentation Techniques

  • Ten key principles and techniques

Presentations in Action

  • Practice and facilitated filmed presentations

The Eight Minute Presentation Challenge

  • Each participant issued with a subject and are given eight minutes to prepare and make a presentation

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