Gamify the Learning Journey

RapL Micro-Learning

RapL is an end to end micro-learning solution that delivers bite-sized learning on the web and through an app on a smart phone.  It is an adaptive, personalised, engaging approach to equip your distributed teams with the critical knowledge required to perform their jobs effectively, whether that be sales, support or product.

RapL enables effective training with demonstrable outcomes.  It uses spaced repetition of topics and scenarios to ensure learners retain what they  have learned.  In addition it helps management identify knowledge gaps within their organisation, as well as measuring how engaged employees are with their own development. 

We can also convert your established learning content and process manuals into engaging micro-learning, gamified programs.  

  • Bite-sized learning

  • Multi-lingual

  • Gamified for full engagement

  • Spaced repetition of content for maximising learning potential

  • Comprehensive analytics

  • Adaptive learning

  • Quick deployment

  • Execution support

  • Product training, sales training, product knowledge, safety training, soft skills