Sales Training

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Sales training can often conjure old fashioned 'tricks' to help pushy sales people improve their numbers. Over the past two decades selling has come a long way and the role rightly stands alongside other professions within organisations. Therefore sales training takes on many competencies now and cannot be limited to a single title; e.g. key account management, customer engagement, value based selling or customer centricity - these all fall under the category of sales training.

We offer several sales training programs at Gameplan Solutions, you can book our off-the peg training here: -

Key Account Management

  • Introduction to structured selling

  • The roles and responsibilities of the key account manager

  • Key account management process

Advanced Selling Skills

  • Managing the complex sale

  • Customer needs, wants and motivations

  • Persuasive selling process

  • Dealing with objections and resistance

  • Case study analysis and role-play

Sales Management Skills

  • Where are you now?

  • Sales management principles

  • Leadership in sales

  • The balanced performance review

  • Managing performance

Selling Skills 

  • Sales management principles

  • Building rapport

  • Building confidence in front of your customers

  • Selling versus transacting

  • When not in front of the customer

Value Based Selling

  • Selling as a profession

  • What you sell versus what they buy

  • Customer centricity

  • Business simulation case studies

  • Who owns value-based selling

  • Planning and preparation

Negotiation Skills

  • Fundamentals for successful negotiations 

  • The negotiation process

  • Key influencing skills

  • Business simulation case study

  • Making the proposal

  • Bargaining and closing